Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 12 of 12

I spent the day home sick, so this one is kind of boring. I was going for an Olympics feel with the rings around the pictures & Chinese character on Page 1. What do you think?

Materials Page 1:
-bg paper from ShabbyPrincess "Sun Porch"
-font: Blackadder
-trees from two peas "Proud To Be Digital"
-buttons from ShabbyPrincess "Vintage Florals"
-alpha letters from ShabbyPrincess "Vintage Florals"
-stitched circles from ShabbyPrincess "Urban Kiwi"
-crisscross stitching from ShabbyPrincess "Two Soon"
-Chinese "joy" symbol...don't remember!
-journal block from ShabbyPrincess "Promise"

Materials Page 2:
Thankfully this one has fewer materials!
-bg paper from ShabbyPrincess "Sun Porch"
-font: Blackadder
-tape strips from designerdigitals
-leaves from two peas "Proud To Be Digital"
-crisscross stitching from ShabbyPrincess "Two Soon"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Attempt #2

I forgot to mention that all of the elements I'm using are FREEBIES I've downloaded.

-bg paper from "Seasonal Sampler-Amore"
-Stitched heart from ShabbyPrincess "Splendid"
-Black swirly frame (around the kissy picture =P) from Web Challenge by Kellie Mize
-Stamp over kissy picture from ShabbyPrincess "Urban Kiwi"
-Black frame around large picture from I don't remember which kit, but it's by Rhonna Farrer
-Sanded overlay from ShabbyPrincess "Shabby Mommy"
-Journaling circle from twopeas "Proud To Be Digital"
-Fonts: Albemarle Swash, Albemarle Demo, and Perpetua Titling MT

July 12 of 12

Here is my very first attempt. I don't absolutely love it, but I think it's okay.

It was way harder to fit 12 pictures on one page than I expected!

Pictures are from: revising my diagnostic reports, eating at the Brick Oven, boat tour of Town Lake, picnic in Zilker Park, preparing for my Primary lesson, and watching a production of "Beauty and the Beast" all in celebration of my birthday which was three days later.

Materials: bg paper is from the free Martha Stewart kit on twopeas

A New Frontier

About a month or so ago I got into digital scrapbooking. If I remember correctly, it all started when I clicked on a link for "free blog background papers" or something to that end. What it lead me to was, a site that offers free digital scrapbooking kits. I downloaded some goodies and tucked them neatly away into their own folder on my computer.

A couple weeks later I stumbled upon the 12-of-12 challenge. I LOVE taking pictures and I love journaling. It seemed like a fun and unique way to combine the two, so with that I began my digital scrapbooking hobby. This blog will most likely be devoted to just scrapbooking, a way to share my layouts with others. I hope you enjoy them!