Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Sixth Date of Christmas

-Floral paper: 2ps "Color My World"
-Blue background paper: 2ps "Future Rock Star"
-Cream paper: 2ps "Spring Time Fever"
-Flower border: 2ps Aug 2008 Free Kit

Saturday, January 24, 2009

If Life Hands You Lemons

-bg papers: green and blue papers from 2ps "Martha Kit"
-fonts: Parchment and Arabic Typesetting
-Yellow flowers: 2ps "Color My World"
-Black scrolly thing: 2ps "New Year"

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fifth Date of Christmas

For this date we went to the movies (to see Twilight I dear, sweet husband sat through it for me!) and came home and snuggled up with some hot chocolate. =)

This was by far the fastest page I've ever made. It's really simple.
-Template: Paislee Press "Lark" Quickpage
-Overlay: 2ps "Future Rock Star"
-How do I love thee word art: 2ps "Free Love"
-Stars: 2ps "Proud to Be Digital"

The Fourth Date of Christmas(ish)

My page for this date is a little deceiving because not only did we have lunch at Pei Wei, but we also played with toys at Toys-r-Us and shopped around at Hobby Lobby. Does it sound thrilling? It was.

-the bg paper is a combination of five, count 'em FIVE papers: 1) 2ps "Future Rock Star" bright orange 2) 2ps "Martha" orange 3) 2ps "Color My World" dark brown 4)SP "Dinner Party" red 5) SP "Express Yourself" brown
-template: Little Dreamer Designs "Mushy Love"
-and all those rustic looking metals? unfortunately I don't remember where I got them...
-font: AR Carter

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new niece

Henry and I got to meet her this past Saturday. =)

Template- Paislee Press No. 13 from Oscraps
Floral paper-mteraswa-webfreebie p2 from designer digitals
Pink plaid paper-called BG-PinkPlaid I think it's from designer digitals
Photo Corners-Cardboard1 RockSkyEP
PS Action (my first time to use one ever!)-Atomic Cupcake Cutout action
Fonts- AR Decode and Century Gothic

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 12th

I spent the 12th of this month at my parents' house in Houston cleaning out my old room, so the pictures in this layout are of some of my favorite things there. Who didn't love My Little Pony and Polly Pockets?

For this one I used squares from Designer Digitals' Everyday 12-28-08 Template. The memories word art was included with the template.
-bg paper: Shabby Princess "Promise" Swirlie Girl
-January 2009 font: Unnamed Melody
-Flower embellishments: SP Express Yourself by Ronna Penner

Saturday, January 10, 2009

December 12, 2008

I'm finally caught up with all of my 12 of 12 layouts and with two days to spare! =) Now comes the fun of trying to figure out where everything came from...

-bg paper (I know this one because I just downloaded it yesterday!)- 2ps Indie Pops Celebrate kit
-Alpha letters and numbers-SP "Shabby Mommy" kit (I think)
-Journal Block-SP "Festival"
-Template (can you tell I'm hooked?)-Little Dreamer Designs "Mushy My Boy"
-Font: Daisy Script
-Stitching: SP "Two Soon"
-Other papers (l-r): 1. Vinnie Pearce "Thank You" 2. 2ps "Express Yourself" 3. combo of blue polka dot paper from the 2ps Indie Pops kit and Vinnie Pearce "Thank You" 4. "BG Stripey Slurp"...not sure where it came from =/

Saturday, January 3, 2009

November 12th

Notebook paper: 3 Pixel Chicks CYG DoodleNotebook
Background Paper: 2ps "Splish" from "Splish Splash" kit
Template: Little Dreamer Designs "Playing with Paper"
Font: Pea Christy