Sunday, January 2, 2011

101 in 1001

 one hundred and one things in one thousand and one days.
start: 1/1/11 / end: 9/27/13
in progress: italic / completed: strikethrough
progress updated on 8/26/13

1.        Obtain a new passport.
2.        Go on a cruise.
3.        Go to 3 states I’ve never been to before (0/3).
4.        Visit a Texas city I’ve never been to before.
5.        Go to three new temples I’ve never been to before (1/3).
6.        Visit The Orange Show in Houston.
7.        Visit two new National Parks (2/2).
8.        Stay in a bed-and-breakfast once per year (0/3).
9.        Visit Enchanted Rock.

Organization & Time Management
10.     Clean out Google Reader: only leave most favorite blogs. (went from 180 to 100)
11.     Go without social networking/reading blogs for two days per week for six months.(7/48)
12.     Backup photos that are currently on computer.
13.     Shred documents in office once per month for six months (3/6).
14.     Update address on driver’s license.
15.     Spend 30 minutes each Saturday reviewing my schedule for the coming week for the rest of the 2010-2011 school year.
16.     Organize and label craft storage boxes.
17.     Be on time to 5 out of 7 appointments for two weeks (6/13-6/19/11, 6/20-6/26/11).

Developing Talents
18.     Finish reading the photography book I own.
19.     Take a photography class. (Completed with Kristen Duke on 1/29/11!)
20.     Research what lens to buy next.
21.     Photowalk around neighborhoods in Austin (South Congress, Downtown, South Lamar, Hyde Park, Campus, 360 area, etc.).
22.     Sing karaoke.
23.     Sing in a choir.
24.     Make a header for my blog.
25.     Make something pretty in Illustrator.
26.     Paint something. (1/22/11; painted a bowl)
27.     Make my college years’ online journal into a book.

Domestication/Home Front
28.     Try 2 new recipes a month for 6 consecutive months (12/12).
29.     Complete 3 chores a week for five months.
30.     Follow flylady’s flight plan for a month.
31.     Print photos for coasters.
32.     Make a craft I can display in my home.
33.     Keep a family calendar for 2011.
34.     Build a 3-month supply of pantry foods.
35.     Plant and eat vegetables from my own garden.

36.     Go to a drive-in movie theater.
37.     Pick fruit at a pick-your-own farm and do something with it.
38.     Take a UT tower tour.
39.     Go on a photo scavenger hunt with a group of friends.
40.     Go to a Jack Johnson concert.
41.     Go see a play.
42.     Use our Netflix account each month for six consecutive months.
43.     Swim in Hamilton Pool.
44.     Attend a UT football game.

45.     Go to the temple 12 times in 12 months—2 sealings 2/2, 9 endowment sessions  5/9, 1 baptism 1/1
46.     Go to the Family History Center six times.(6/6)
47.     Read the entire Old Testament (558/1184 pages).
48.     Read the Book of Mormon as a family in 2011 (185/531).
49.     Read the New Testament as a family once we finish the BOM.
50.     Study topics for Sharing Time one month in advance in 2011 (7/16).
51.     Do something, anything, to have Family Home Evening each week.
52.     Write in gratitude journal every day for 3 months.
53.     Write in my journal for 30 minutes each Sunday for 6 months straight.
54.     100% visiting teaching for 6 months straight.

55.     Get a professional massage.
56.     Get a facial.
57.     Exercise twice a week every week for 3 months in 2011 (Jan 2011: 8/8, May 2011: 9/9, June 2011: 9/9).
58.     Exercise three times a week every week for 3 months in 2011. (Feb 2011: 12/12)
59.     Take a reusable water bottle to work every day for 3 weeks (3/7-3/11, 4/4-4/8, 5/23-5/27).
60.     Eat 3 servings of veggies a day for a week.
61.     Eat 2 servings of fruits a day for a week.
62.     Floss every day for a month.

Family & Relationships
63.     Ask my dad to record five personal memories.
64.     Have professional photos taken.
65.     Go on a girls’ weekend trip.
66.     Go camping with my husband.
67.     Send letters to Russia with love.
68.     Have a "sister day" once per quarter.
69.     Send one hand-written letter a month for six months.
70.     Burn my old home videos to DVD & mail to my parents.
71.     Compile a family email/mailing address list.
72.     Compile a family birthday list.
73.     Send a birthday card to parents and siblings + siblings-in-law (2/22).
74.     Send a birthday card to nieces and nephews (1/21).
75.     Send out a family letter at the end of 2011 and 2012.

76.     Don’t use credit cards for anything other than gas + food + medicine in January and February 2011.
77.     Pay off all student loans by mid 2011.
78.     Purchase a new lens.
79.     Have $10K in emergency fund.
80.     Save for a down payment on a house.
81.     Live off of Henry’s income and save what I earn.
82.     Open a mutual fund.
83.     Save $100 monthly for one “dream” vacation outside of the U.S.
84.     Put aside $10 in savings for each task completed and put it towards “dream” vacation.

Knowledge & Career
85.     Read 12 classic novels.
86.     Read 10 nonfiction books (2 spiritual): The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Freakonomics, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Heaven is Here; Bringing Up Bebe; Make the Bread, Buy the Butter; The Happiness Project; Talking Back to Facebook; Ina May's Guide to Childbirth; Real Food for Mother and Baby; Food Rules: An Eater's Manual
87.     Go to an ASHA convention.
88.     Update my resume.
89.     Research background of SHARS/Medicaid in schools.
90.     Get caught up on Medicaid billing.
91.     Spend an hour reviewing ASL vocabulary once a month for 5 months
92.     Relearn 10 common phrases in Spanish.
93.     Learn 10 common phrases in Mandarin.

94.     Visit every day for a month.
95.     Choose a project on Donors Choose or Kiva and fund it.
96.     Volunteer at Capital Area Food Bank.
97.     Adopt a family for Christmas.
   Surprise someone with flowers.
  Surprise three people with treats once per year (4/9).
  Make five hygiene kits.
  Babysit for a couple so that they can go to the temple together.

Completed: 54/101


Jenna said...

You reminded me that I need to start italicizing what I'm working on!

Your last goal is my very favorite. It's so hard for us to get to the temple because it's difficult to find a sitter!

Fredericksburg CVB said...

Thank you for making a visit to Enchanted Rock one of your goals. We hope you post pics! :-)

Emily said...

Yay, Alli! Love your list!

Sarah said...

Awesome! I wrote my own list too. Maybe we can cheer each other on?

Anonymous said...

I adore your goals! I'm also a big fan of growing and eating my own veggies - it is part of my 101 goals as well. My 101 blog is only fairly new and still very much a work in progress so am checking out other people's for inspiration. Looking forward to watching you move through your goals :)


Aoife M said...

nice list! some great goals...I'm working on my own at the minute.