Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dad's 80th Birthday Book

A few months ago, my dad turned 80, and since you only have one 80th birthday (to my knowledge), I wanted to do a little something to commemorate the occasion (and really my dad's life too). Because my dad is great, and he should know it. So, with my trusty sidekick, I endeavored to make a memory/guest book of sorts. Dad complained that all of the pictures of him throughout his life + this guest book made his party feel a little too funeralish, but in the end I think he liked it. ;)

We finished the book, my sidekick taping and me positioning, late on the night of January 16th. It was ready just in time for Mom to take it home to Dad on MLK Day.

I got to use my new die cut on some of the edges. That made me happy.

And this was my favorite submission:
Maybe you just have to know Brother R.

Dad called and thanked us for the book the next day. He seemed excited to show it to some his friends, so I think this project was a success.

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