Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The details: Located in Colorado Springs. One of two mountain zoos in the United States.

Prolific giraffe breeding program + feeding ops = one awesome African Rift Valley exhibit.
They had a lot of other cool animals too (black bear, moose, really cute lambs), but this was what really made the trip worth it for me. I LOVED feeding the giraffes. In the picture above, the giraffe licked my hand. Definitely an experience I've never had at any other zoo, and the giraffe is definitely my new favorite zoo animal.


JMay said...

Those giraffes are sooo cute! Looks like a blast :-)

Baby Making Mama said...

Beautiful photos!! Looks like fun!! I want to feed a giraffe someday.

And a company Old Navy advertises with contacted me about the contest :)