Sunday, October 5, 2008

September 12 of 12

I finally finished my 12-of-12 for last month! I made it hurricane themed since I spent most of September 12th glued to my TV, wondering what was going to happen to my hometown.

Got up that morning and worked out. Went to Friday Forum and played a little pool at the Institute. Came home and read a forever long chapter. Watched minute-by-minute coverage of Hurricane Ike for about 8 hours (yikes!). No sign of rain in Austin. Picked Henry up from work. Thought they'd closed early because the windows were boarded up. Apparently there was a mix up with a store in Houston, so they got sandbags and boarded windows at their weather the half inch of rain we got. lol. Gas shortages. Brought the plants inside to protect them from high winds that never came. But really I am thankful. My parents' and other family members' houses were spared from any major damage. It could've been a lot worse.


-bg paper: worn teal from SP's "Spontaneous Delight"

-grid lines "splotch02" from 2ps Future Rockstar

-Grunge overlay from 2ps Future Rockstar

-Inksplotch "splotch01" from 2ps Future Rockstar

-Font: Rosewood Std

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Whitney said...

This is such a neat layout! And I love the idea of doing a layout for each month!