Saturday, January 8, 2011

dang, it feels good to be a ninja

Yesterday marked three and a half years since Henry and I tied the knot. I don't know why these dates stand out in my mind, but they do, so why not celebrate them, right?

So last night we went on a date at The Domain. The plan was to eat dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy (love) with some Christmas gift cards, but we quickly nixed that idea when we found out there was an hour+ wait for a table. An hour to an hour and a half for a table for two? Yikes. It's good, but we were hungry. We also wanted to make a run by Anthropologie before 9, and it was already 7:30.

Instead of Maggiano's, we stopped to share some yogurt. Ginger lemonade + caramel cheesecake is actually yummy. Then I convinced Henry to let me "window shop" in The Limited where I begged my way into two new shirts. Paid cash per our budget agreement though, so I didn't have to beg too much. Then off we went to Anthropologie.

We easily located the timer I wanted to buy, but since they are currently having a SALE, we had to look at everything in the store. That's the way it works, right? While I was sifting through the SALE racks, I asked Henry to open my wallet and look for my Anthro card. He did, said he found it, and that was that. We continued to look at things in the store. We both like the fabric covered fancy books they sell there and decided we could devote a portion of our home budget to a pretty copy of Robin Hood.

Next something magic and mystical happened. As we turned around to make our way to the cashier, the very SALE rack I'd just browsed minutes before had new items on it. Dresses! (I'm kind of a sucker for dresses.) Wouldn't you know there was a lovely printed dress there in my size? So I tried it on along with another full-priced dress for good measure.

I liked the dress a lot, and I was a little bit puzzled when I told Henry that I wanted to buy it. He seemed so okay with it. I didn't have to beg or plead or pout, even though I was pretty sure I had just spent the entire clothing budget at The Limited. So strange, but when you're getting what you want, you just roll with it.

We got up to the counter with our timer, the pretty book, and my lovely dress, and the cashier asked if we had an Anthro card. I said yes, and then Henry looked confused. Coming to find out, when I'd asked him earlier to find my card, he thought I meant a gift card, a gift card to pay for the purchase of my lovely dress.
And that is how I unknowingly tricked my husband into buying me the lovely dress from Anthro. Completely and unintentionally bamboozled him. That's like the ultimate stealth. I'm so good, I don't even know how good I am. Henry's doomed if we have any daughters.

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