Thursday, November 19, 2009

July and August

Yay for new layouts! This July page is special because in completing it, I completed a whole year's worth of 12 of 12 layouts. July 2008-July 2009...and beyond.

Do you remember my very first page? I've come a long way. It's been fun. I doubt I'll ever go back to paper scrapbooking now.

Since you can't really read the journaling on the August page, this is what it says:
"This was a fun day. Post-advanced diagnostics and pre-job. I got to sleep in, but then I got a
message from my UT supervisor saying I needed to come in to the clinic one last time to destroy a soft file.
Surprise, surprise--I couldn’t find the file anywhere in the clinic. It turned out that Melissa shredded it the night before. I snapped one last picture of my car sitting in front of Littlefield, my freshman dorm; my college days are officially over. It was also a special day because Alifia was in Austin. We went to Tx Land and Cattle and snagged a free lunch for “being cute,” and later we went to the mall with Sarah. That evening, Henry and I went to Hula Hut for Amy A.’s going away party. A raccoon ran around on the deck! So fun to see the SLP girls."

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Thais said...


What software do you use to scrapbook with?? And how the heck did learn it? Books? Tips? Anything. I REALLY want to get into it.