Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Things You Take for Granted

Have you ever tried to help someone create and email a Word document over the phone who does not have the following concepts:

-Windows toolbar (he thinks once you click on a new window the other ones disappear. If he could see my screen right now, he would be in for the shock of his life.)
-saving a file and remembering the location of that file
-figuring out the name of said file
-searching for a file
-how to "Save As" a second time to strategically place the file on the desktop--never could get him through the steps necessary to do that one...unfortunately he has the older version of Word on his computer...
-copying and pasting
-the difference between a program on your computer and an Internet website
-how to attach a file to an email

etc., etc., etc.
lol if it wasn't for my dad...
who honestly has impressive skills for someone born in 1930...

Thankfully we inserted and formatted the majority of the pictures and text while I was with him in person.
And fingers crossed that I don't get a phone call to troubleshoot printer problems...

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