Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Genealogy Story

While I'm at it, why not? Here's another story one of my many distant cousins emailed my mom about two years ago.

My mom told our cousin that I was working on my maternal grandfather's family line, and I had just discovered my grandfather's parents' families came to the United States about 10 years apart from each other and settled in the same town. I was hoping to find out if they knew each other before they immigrated, but my cousin didn't know the answer to that. Instead she told this fun little story:

"I do know one story that I heard from Lewis Schreiber, (from Mart). The Marquarts did come before the Schreibers, don't know exactly when, but think the Schreibers came in 1884. The Marquarts lived in Post Oak, north of LaGrange and Grandpa Marquart built the little Methodist church there and they worshipped in German. The Schreibers left Germany because the boys were being drafted into the Prussian army and they didn't like that. One son had already served, don't know if he came to US or stayed there. GGpa Schreiber was an alcoholic, I hear. There must have been some sort of a connection between the Marquarts and Schreibers beceuse they settled in Post Oak also. Or could have been a coincidence. Two of the Schreiber boys, George and John slipped off and listened to the Methodist people under a window because they could understand the German. The church people noticed them and asked them in and ended up converting them. Thats how the Schreibers came to be Methodists. George and John both wanted to be preachers, but since John married first George became a preacher and John was a lay-minister. George preached many years and is pictured in the Methodist conference headquarters in Fort Worth as one of the many German preachers in the Methodist. When your Dad visited us after your Mom Died, we took him out to a little town of Bracken, north of San Antonio where George preached for quite a while. I thought this was an interesting story. Hope the kids enjoy hearing about it. Love, Sue"
I thought that was a cool story. I also think it's funny that my mom's parents moved from the Methodist church to the Baptist church in their later years because they "liked the choir better." At least that's what my mom says.

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