Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Genealogy, I am doing it

I am going to preface this post by saying that this may not be interesting to anyone other than me and members of my family...though I don't think any members of my family read this.

A few weeks ago when my parents came to visit, my mom brought along an old box she found of old family pictures, wedding and graduation announcements, and some letters my maternal great-grandfather had written to my grandmother. I scanned them and did my best to transcribe them {great-grandpa didn't have the most legible handwriting}, and now, for some reason, I feel like I should post them here.

Kerens Texas 1-1-1943
Miss Naomi Tyler
Dear Baby I got your letter containing three dollars of course was small of it not much for its value but because it was from you. Some one I love I think loves me. Have been sick with cold for ten days or more. Have a awful cough but am improving. Think will be all ok in a few more days. Had a right smart snow last Sunday night but melted away next day. Been trying to rain ever since. Give Johnie and Wasnetta my love and best wishes. I am hoping and praying that this will be a happy and prosperous year for us all and believe that will all our people are well doing family well. Ruby [his daughter] was sick last week but is by  now. Dovie [his daughter-in-law] still works at the store. Poor old Lonnie [his son] is still a toogan(?) & has cooking cleaning house, & etc. May God’s silent blessings be graces for the family is the prayer of your Old Dad, N.S. Crawford
Come home when you can.

Waco Texas 2-1-1943
Miss Naomi Tyler
Dear baby, Have been examined. Will have my prostates removed tomorrow or next day. I am at the Hillcrest Memorial Sanatarium feeling ok. The operation will be simple and not serious so don’t worry about me. Will keep you advised for time to time about my condition. Be sweet and don’t worry.
Your loving Dad, N.S. Crawford

P.S. You can tell the others there.

Waco Texas 2-5-1943
Dear baby, just a few lines. I am doing fine. Think the Dr is going to let me sit up tomorrow. I feel like will go home by the middle of next week. One that loves you dearly, your old Dad.
Wrote this in bed.

 I never met my great-grandfather {in fact, my mother didn't either. he died about six months before she was born}, so I am grateful for these letters. They give me a little insight into the kind of person my great-grandfather was. You can tell that he truly loved my grandmother, and it seems that he had faith in God.

The letters were also revealing in another way:  he addressed Granny as Miss Naomi Tyler. My mom said she never knew her last name was Tyler once upon a time, meaning she must've had a third marriage she never told my mom about. Scandalous!

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