Friday, August 6, 2010

Mama and me

Jenna of That Wife wrote a post yesterday about photographing mothers and their babies, and at the end she encouraged her readers to share a favorite picture including mother and child. I liked the idea, so I thought I'd share mine.

This is me and my mama on a beach in Maui, and I just love everything about it. I think I was about three years old when this was taken. I love the way we're holding hands, I love the beach and ocean, and I love that we're standing together in one of our most favorite places in the world.

Hopefully someday I'll be able to share some of my own favorite places with my children, and rest assured that when I do, it will all be well photographed.


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

I didn't think about sharing my picture on my blog, just with Jenna. Lol. What a good idea. :)

JMay said...

Mom's are the best.

Such a cute pic of you two too!