Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello, 2013!

Anyone reading this?

I know it has been ages since I've updated this blog. It hasn't been a priority, and I won't say that it will be this year either because real life > the Internet. I'm constantly having to remind myself to step away from the computer, put down the phone (and now I have a Kindle, so I have to put that down too) to engage in real life. And oftentimes I still end up spending too much time on the computer, so it's just better to not hold myself to any expectations at all for see alli scrap. (I'm not saying blogging is bad. I love reading blogs, and I'm Mormon; journaling is what we do. I have a private journal where I record the personal details of our lives. It's just too hard for me to keep any consistency with this second blog.)

That said, I do want to keep the site up and running so that I can post from time to time. Today I'm back because I cannot resist the urge to talk about my goals for the New Year and the progress I've made on my 101 in 1001 list. When I was in school, I was one of those kids who could not wait to get my school supplies and plan my back to school outfit. Although (let's be honest) I didn't want to surrender my freedom, I did love the excitement of a new school year. The beginning of the new year feels exciting to me too. It's the chance at a fresh start.

I've been participating in Lara Casey's brilliant step-by-step goal setting series over the last few days. Lara inspires me to make things happen. I'm working on part 3 right now, which is deciding what you will say YES and NO to in 2013. Seems like the perfect opportunity to review my 101 goals and reflect on what needs to change. Hard to believe it's been two years since I wrote them!

Here are few things I've accomplished:*
1. Went on a cruise
2. Visited National Parks in Puerto Rico and on St. John!
3. Sang in a choir. I was actually part of the angel chorus in a Christmas pageant last December.
4. I've made huge strides domestically. I cook and clean A LOT more than I did at the end of 2010.
5. Thanks to a Groupon I saw a movie at a drive-in theater this summer!
6. I saw Wicked last year around this time.
7. Since our baby was born in February, we've used our Netflix account a ton.
8. I flossed every day for a month. I think I deserve a cookie.
9. Sent a letter to my in-laws who are serving a mission in Russia. They come home at the end of next month!
10. I made a family letter for 2011 and 2012. I just finished 2012's today, and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I'll post it here later.
11. We saved for a down payment on a house and then actually purchased one! I didn't think that would happen before my 30th birthday, but life is full of surprises.
12. We opened a mutual fund.
13. We're still saving $100/month for a dream vacation using Smarty Pig.
14. I've read more than 10 nonfiction books. The classic novel goal isn't going so well.
15. I funded three Kiva projects.
16. We adopted a family for Christmas last year. Loved it.

1. I'm working on following FlyLady's daily tasks this month. This one has been challenging because I usually go out of town at least one weekend per month.
2. I only need to make it to the temple 4 more times to meet my goal.
3. I've been to the Family History Center once.
4. I'm writing down things I'm grateful for this month.
5. 100% visiting teaching last month (for the first time in a very long time).
6. Working on video recording (and later transcribing) 5 memories from my dad. I interviewed him when I was home for Christmas, so I've got about 12 minutes of recorded conversation so far.
7. I'm working on a google doc of important addresses.
8. I'm creeping along in the Old Testament at a snail's pace. I'm in first Chronicles now. By the way, my blog friend Rachel read all of the standard works in 2012, meaning the entire Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. That blows my mind. She is a rock star.

Things I still really want to do two years later:
1. Go camping.
2. Have professional photos taken this year of our family. 
3. Review ASL.
4. Go to the temple more.
5. Clean out Google Reader (again).
6.Volunteer at Capital Area Food Bank.
7. Go to Enchanted Rock/swim in Hamilton Pool.
8. See a Jack Johnson concert (probably not going to happen by September).
9. Eat more fruits and veggies.
10. Finish the Old Testament.

Then there are other things I want to work on--primarily related to my marriage, parenthood, and my new home--that were seriously overlooked the first go round. That's why I'm going through the Making Things Happen steps. Do you have any goals for 2013? I love to read what everyone wants to accomplish. Share yours!

*I've updated the original 101 in 1001 list if you want a breakdown of every little thing.


Rachel said...

I read it!

Janssen said...

Okay, I have got to go and read that whole post of Lara's - sounds so inspiring!

Great goals (my husband is trying to read all the standard works this year too!).