Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No. 26: Paint Something

Back in January, Henry and I went to Art Attack and chose to paint a bowl.

I wish I could say that this was a fun and relaxing experience, but it mostly wasn't. We went on this particular Saturday out of obligation to use a Livingsocial deal I'd purchased a few months earlier. (I discovered the day before that my deal expired the following Monday, and by golly, we weren't going to let it go to waste.) So off we went at the end of a super Saturday (on our way back home from a trip to the temple, dinner in San Marcos, and who can remember what else), a little grumpier than we should have been.

You could say we had a difference of opinion in terms of artistic technique (I'm a perfectionist, he's not), but in the end, we compromised: I got to darken the outside of the bowl, but I didn't triple wipe down each little dot on the rim. We are both happy with the way it turned out, and our marriage is still intact. =)

I've made progress on a few more of my 101 goals too. Since my last update, I've printed the photos for my coasters (No. 31), and, as mentioned in my last post, I got a facial (No. 56). I also exercised three times per week throughout February. I haven't exercised that much in a long, long time, if ever! I'm also working on the goal to try at least two new recipes per month. I've got a few others I'm focusing on too.

I do have a question for my fellow 101ers: What are you going to do if you don't achieve a goal on your list? There's one on my list that I didn't do so hot on (No. 76: Don't use credit cards for anything other than gas/food/medicine in Jan and Feb 2011). Totally forgot about all the expenses connected to the wedding. I'm thinking I'm just going to replace it with a new goal. What do you think?

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