Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break '11: Austin

all of these photos were taken with my iPhone. not bad, eh?

It's Friday. That means my Spring Break is officially coming to an end. Here are some highlights from this week:
  • Finished February Medicaid billing and all that can be done for March!
  • Got my eyes examined (new contacts!)
  • Read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
  • Made progress on These Is My Words (savoring it)
  • Went to an Etsy Austin SXSW party
  • Took some ridiculous, unflattering photobooth pics
  • Had dinner at Maggiano's, including marshmallow creme chocolate torte (so good!), with a Christmas gift card
  • Lunched with Henry at Jax Cafe
  • Free lunched at a med spa where I won a free mini-facial and some anti-aging lotion samples
  • Slept a lot
  • Blogged three four times
  • Made three new digiscrapped pages
  • Went to the temple
  • Played games and had dinner with friends
  • Went grocery shopping by myself
  • Met Henry's coworkers and saw his cubicle for the first time 
  • Saw a free Neon Trees show
  • Kind of saw the free Strokes show, but really ended up talking to Cristy on the phone instead
  • Made skillet chicken vesuvio (a new recipe)
  • Watched The A-Team with my hubby
In the midst of these activities, I realized that concerts (even if they are free) are really not my thing anymore. Too much smoke. I hate it. I was reminded over and over though that I really love my city. I'm glad we get to stick around for a while.

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