Saturday, December 13, 2008

October 12th

My parents came to visit for the weekend, and we made a special dinner to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary!

-template: Little Dreamer Designs "My Boy"
-bg paper: Shabby Princess "Promise" Paper Leaf
-other papers: SP "Vintage Floral" Paper Dots, SP Kristie SF Orange Paper, Designer Digitals dz ad challenge 5-4 Paper 3
-"Sunday": Little Dreamer Designs, Michelle Coleman Hand Stamped alpha
-other text: Rosewood Std

1 comment:

Whitney said...

Love this layout! You do such a good job of making everything look 3-D! What program do you use?

And I love the layout below as well.

GRAD school? What are you studying? I'm seriously considering grad school after I graduate in the Spring.