Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twelve Dates of Christmas

Instead of exchanging traditional gifts with Henry this year, I decided that it would be more fun and productive (you know, quality time together, strengthening our relationship, yada, yada)for us to go on a dating spree. Digital scrapbooking wasn't the only thing that suffered during this past semester of school; date night fell by the wayside too. So, this Christmas season we're attempting to go on twelve dates.

Why twelve? Contrary to what this blog may be leading you to believe, 12 is not my favorite number. It's twelve dates to go along with the twelve days of Christmas, which, according to Wikipedia, are "the festive days beginning the evening of Christmas Day through the morning of Epiphany." (I really don't know anything about the day of Epiphany. Does anyone celebrate that? Basically, I just got the 12 date idea from Oprah and I think it'll be fun.)

We've gone on three dates so far, and I'm going to try to scrapbook each one.

Here is the first date of Christmas:

My parents live about twenty minutes from the Johnson Space Center, but it'd been years since I'd been. We had fun on the tram tour though I have to say it was a wee bit chilly outside. Our favorite part was playing around with the indoor exhibits.

Template-Little Dreamer Designs "Love"
Ornament png-Fei Fei's Stuff
Christmas trees-SP Seasonal Sampler
Dark green bg-Designer Digitals color challenge 12-7-08
Light green bg-2 ps Martha Stewart kit
Red polka dot paper-Designer Digitals Everyday Inspiration 11-23
Red and Brown dots-SP "Sunporch"

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