Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 12th

oy vey, this one took a while to make, and now I'm tired. Check back later for materials info.

I used the same template for this layout as I did for my February 12 of 12 page. It's Template No. 9 from Crystal Wilkerson's {Rounded Corners} Templates.

Font: Pea Roni Script (see my "Goodies" section for the link to Pea Fonts)
Chipboard letters: White Sweet Serenity Alpha from Shabby Princess + a free chipboard action from Atomic Cupcake
Papers and Flower Brush: from my other Two Peas purchase, The Queen of Quirk Art Deco kit
Numbers: MCO HandStamped Brushes from Little Dreamer Designs
and Hardly Noticeable Yellow Thing Behind March: Orange Journal, Rhonna Farrer "Color My World" Two Peas kit


Whitney said...

Is this the grid from April CK? How did it go for you? I've been wanting to try it out for some time.

Busy Mama said...

Awesome work!! I love your pages!